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The post of Secretary of State for civil society, and just over two months of his term. United Kingdom media said this was the "social media enthusiast" second "zhe" in social networks. "I was a total idiot. "The United Kingdom, the daily mirror reported on the 28th, 56, of Newmark on meet the press about his" dumb things "confessed, he said:" I only blame myself, I hurt someone I care about. I'm very, very sorry, I need a little more time with their family. "In his letter of resignation, Newmark said he remains the United Kingdom Government 's" loyal supporters ", and requested the family's privacy will be respected. At present, the United Kingdom Prime Minister had acceptevans half cab d his resignation. According to reports, Newmark was through social networks private female NET friend "blossomed", attracting a lot of attention of the tabloid press, which he

Is "planted" in the undercover reporters on hand. A male freelance journalist at social networking with "PR Lady Sophie" false identity and contact Newmark, "hooked" after the Newmark and "she" have a chat extremely. Chat records show that two words are ambiguous, and soon began to Exchange photos. At one point, "Sophie" sent us a photo of the exposed, Newmark does not satisfy a craving, he made "her" one more exposed, demanding "don't block, legs apart with his hands." As a "reward", Newmark have also issued the order of his own downfall "Pajama indecent photos". He also sent messages to invite "Sophie" coming to this week's Conservative Party Conference. United Kingdom's daily mail on 28th, said Newmark's in the media, "Lok" is not accidental, since as early as two years ago, he was on Twitter made inappropriate remarks

Been discharged from key posts in the conservative party. However, this thing makes him the "first in the history of the conservative party members who resigned because of the fascination with Twitter." According to Agence France-Presse reported on 28th, just hours before resigning in Newmarket, Conservative MP make·leikelisi entered the United Kingdom Independence Party. Agence France-Presse commented that appear one after another in the run-up to the Conservative Party Conference, "party member defect vans old skool ed" and "sex scandals", the Cameron Government is nothing short of "double whammy." Agence France-Presse said, "can no longer be to bad things happening at the right time." United States in Iowa City by local police in the trunk of a Toyota Camry, a badly decomposed body was found, and the connection with the disappearance of Chinese female students related to Shao Tong. Police believe the murder suspect may have left the United States and returned to China. Toyota car trunk


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