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Channels, but deep impact consumer tool, in addition to a wide range of exposure, deeper communication will be necessary to close the relationship between brand and consumer, like custom network drama, one of the most important reasons is based on the enterprise itself and tailor their brand perception. In addition, he also revealed that in addition to the traditional Web portals, video, elegant birds on new media marketing, will be in areas such as SNS, Twitter, mobile Internet media conducted bold explorations. China  vans shoes shoe network on August 20, August 17-19th, elegant birds spring/summer 2011 fashion show cum exhibition was held, nearly 3,000 agents from the country's 26 regions, to join together. This order to "Chi the stronger" as the theme, the vivid interpretation of the trend of the elegant birds with the ambition to. Elegant birds Frederick Lam, Chairman of the company in a letter

Briefly in his speech after analyzing the international and domestic environment and industry development, focuses on the company's 2011 goals and directions of development, encouraged the collective wisdom and constantly seek greater development, the relevant person in charge of the Yuan at the meeting on the elegant birds 2011, brand strategy, marketing strategy, service delivery model, sales policies, and spring/summer 2011 shoes product features and other content were introduced. This ordering site is divided into living museum, Metropolitan Museum, comprehensive training, acces vans ca carillo sories Pavilion, the nets ran five College area, showing the spring/summer 2011 19Different balance total more than 660 products, the main push of "smart light", "super elastic rubber comfort" new performance products, such as "super elastic rubber-soled comfort midsole technology", "plastic body swing shoes", "body sculpting upturned shoe" is most welcome. Clothing is mainly reflected in the design and use of color, his style was largely focused on

Comparative use of bold colors, natural elements, geometric spatial layering three themes of environmental protection, while footwear is the spirit of "reducing injuries, improving comfort, happy advocacy campaign" research and development of core. Extension in style in addition to lightweight, nimble, comfortable, breathable feature, happy sport brand strategy for product design concepts, combined with new techniques and new technologies to enhance product performance, theme a niche product, for users, business and ordinary consumers to create fun equipment. In addition, the closely watched the Nineth generation Terminal image "analog shop" also during the fair great debut. New image store aimed at breaking the boundaries of traditional brand, innovation in concept is surprisingly, with a distinctive theme to the consumer Visual impact and the psychological impact, and overall appearance of the imported natural "bird's nest" concept, combining texture and bamboo